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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
Thanks for sharing.
Don't start a thread if you don't want criticism. It's really obvious you have a chip on your shoulder and feel like Columbus gets unfairly slighted by people on the forum, the media, etc. If you don't want to draw attention to your organizational failings and subsequent mockery then don't start a thread centered around defending it.

Like I said before, you're trying to push forth the "look guys, he made chicken salad out of chicken ****" point of view, but HE'S THE GUY CHOOSING TO USE CHICKEN ****.

You don't spend to the cap and trade for proven players when you're a bottom five team. You don't constantly, drastically change the kind of team you want (okay we want this coach and the team is a good defensive one, okay nevermind, i want this coach and they're gonna play like Philly, wait scratch that, now i want a defensive team, someone get the marketing department on the phone, sell the public that we've got a really good blue line hurrr)

The team has spent more and gotten worse since he has been GM. Your supposed franchise player asked out. You're an expansion team and last season, while spending to the cap, you literally were the worst you've ever been. AS AN EXPANSION TEAM. AFTER A DECADE. YOU WERE WORSE.

There is no defending Scott Howson. There is no defending JP McConnell, there's no defending anyone in the organization. You will always lose this argument because facts matter more than feelings.

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