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09-16-2012, 09:58 PM
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I think AA is going to come out this winter and shut up guys like me who says Rogers is cheap and bring in some talent while adding payroll

Trading for Matt Garza which will cost prospects probaby 2 top ten plus some low end prospect.

Dealing Escobar + prospects for Daniel Murphy. He provides the #2 hitter moving who doesn't strikeout often and perfect for hit run and getting on base. The Mets need a shortstop and prospects to fill the farm.

Sign a #4 starter like marcum, Sanchez, Liriano among others but a vet to stabilize the bottom of the rotation.

If Ortiz is willing to sign for 2 years or less then it's an option

But my biggest dream would be Josh Hamilton to a 6 year $120 mil contract. Time to strike for the best player in baseball well top 5 for sure. This is a move to energize a team, fans and city. The team on the field will be better for sure. 6 years is long but Hamilton will be able to DH to stay healthy later on during the contract. Front load the deal to pay more out during the next 3 years which will be productive. So if unproductive at age 37 and 38 you can buyout or deal him

So you would have

Lawrie 3b
Daniel Murphy 2b
Bautista - rf
Hamilton -LF
EE -1b
Ortiz -DH
Rasmus -cf
Ech -SS

#4 vet

Bullpen is pretty set

Also now you have depth in Buffalo with Alvarez, Cecil, Laffey guys able to come up and start in case of injuries same goes with Gose and Sierra.

Yeah I know Hamilton is a long shot but take him out and put Gose in and it will still be good.

Fire Farrel or better yet deal him to Boston for a prospect to flip in another deal and fire Murphy change the hitting philosophy to work count get on base and fight when down 2 strikes to work a walk or put the ball in play.

Put grass in at Roger centre to save on injuries only Tampa has turf everyone else is grass.

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