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Using tilt controls!
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Originally Posted by JumboThornton92 View Post
Yeah it's pretty fun when we have enough people.

Also for those of you who feel too slow in EASHL, I recommend playing through BAP for a season. I set it for default difficulty, but I maxed the sliders out, set it for 5 min periods, and classic line-changing, and I unlocked everything except for the offsides boost (which has been busted for years and never unlocks).

Here are some tips:
-In old versions of NHL, what most people did was sim to the third or with 5 minutes left of the game. NHL 13 isn't very optimized and I've had it freeze up my PS3 if I intervened. What's worse is it makes your ps3 think your hard drive is corrupted, so you also have to do a system check. Instead what you should do is start the game normally, score 3-4 goals in the first few minutes, pause the game, and then quit. It'll sim the rest of the game but count as a game played.

-Pick sniper. You start out with above average speed and wrister, which is all you need to score tons of goals with the sliders maxed out.

-Pick center as your position. Sliders will make it so you will win every faceoff even with poor timing. That way you can have possession of the puck instead of hoping for the bot to win the draw. Also if you in-zone faceoff the puck towards the D farthest from the wall, often times he will wrist it to the net instantly for a goal and give you a free assist.

-In the pre-season games, play enough so you're guaranteed a roster spot but try not to play so well that you get on the first line. There's a boost (I forget which but it's decent) that unlocks when you're promoted to the first line.

-As you play and gain experience, pump points into durability first. If you get injured you can miss a ton of games and might not have enough to get 40 games in a season. Also save every 2-3 games just in case. Don't use multiple saves and only have the single save and the two auto-saves, because having more might mess with the boost unlocks.

-Play every other game. If you sim too many in a row you will get demoted or even sent down to the minors. In order to unlock a majority of the boosts, you need 40 regular season games.

-Try to aim for 30 assists, because that's how much you need for BAP veteran card and that'll unlock +5 handeye and something else I think. You also need 50 games and a number of shots and goals, but that's easy enough to do. You'll have 40 or 41ish after the regular season and can easily play 9-10 in the playoffs for your cup run.

Things you should aim for:
1. Hat trick in a single game
2. 3 points in 4 consecutive games
3. 70 points
4. Art Ross
5. Cup in first year

Scoring is a breeze with the sliders maxed, and I usually quit every game before the 15 min mark with a 3-4 goals. The only part I hate is that simming from day to day is sooo slow.

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