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09-16-2012, 10:26 PM
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Originally Posted by M0NTY26 View Post
It's been hard as hell just to get everyone to sign up. It's been impossible to get each GM to post their roster/trade block/prospects in an orderly fashion (much of the blame can be placed on the fact we don't have a GM for Anaheim). I can only imagine the nightmare that is about to transpire asking each GM to change that setting lol.

So, what happens if there's inactivity, but it's time to advance the schedule? Does the guy that wanted to play all week get boned because one of his opponents didn't show up to play, thus simming their head-to-head, with a chance of him losing???
that's what I'm assuming. We just started playing today and ran into this issue as well. We actually only have like 18 GM's in the league despite having 28 according to the thread in this forum, but now that I see this setting I might actually be ok with that.

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