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Originally Posted by Scoobs View Post
The NHL is a poorly run league. 3.3B in revenues and only 8 teams are in the black? Something is wrong with your business model. And you know what? It has very little to do with how much money the players are making.

The sooner that Bettman and the league recognizes that hockey is a niche sport in the U.S., the sooner things will get better. Get teams out of unsuccessful markets. I'm not saying move them to Canada, but put them in markets where hockey can survive. There are lots of markets in the U.S. that are familiar with the game that don't have teams. Houston has had the WHA and the AHL for a number of years. Seattle has the Thunderbirds. Wisconsin isn't a stranger to the game, either.

Pick up a revenue sharing model. The NFL uses one, and it works. Distribute the wealth among the owners. You don't own a professional franchise to make money in the short term. You buy one you make more money on your investment when you sell it. If the entire league can become stronger by adopting a revenue sharing system, the league would be stupid not to do it.

Maybe when you get to that point you can talk about a realistic cap and salary rollbacks. But until you get there, salary rollbacks and a smaller cap is only a band-aid to the bigger problem.
Phoenix to Seattle.
Islanders to Quebec/Toronto.
Devils to Quebec/Toronto.

Guaranteed more revenue and profit.

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