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09-16-2012, 10:35 PM
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Originally Posted by leeroggy View Post
Then why offer him at all? If you wait WITH him you will never improve the team via that asset. Fair value MUST TAKE INTO ACCOUNT the length of the contract! It can't be purely a hockey decision for you. And the longer the tandem is kept the less valuable he becomes because either he gets tired of sitting/not playing enough to keep him happy or Schneider begins to want to get out because he can't get a fair chance at being number one. Either way time works against the franchise.
Okay, we've stated our price. If you don't want to pay it(although "it" varies among Canucks fans) then we'll keep him. If we get an opportunity to snag Cory Perry at free agency and need cap space, we'll let you know(assuming Ballard, Raymond, Malhotra don't go first)

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