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09-16-2012, 10:43 PM
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Originally Posted by ozo View Post
I don't want to be the Mr. Negative again, but currently it only shows that there's a dude in Donetsk who can pump 20+ millions in the hockey team per season, because I can't see how Fedotenko's short term signing shows us that there's any repairing, of Ukrainian development hockey, currently going on.

Then again the article Donbass posted on their website few days ago about the signing of two more world class youth hockey coaches could indicate that hockey in Ukraine could be heading in the right way. But yet again this is an isolated case and I can't make broad generalizations about whole Ukrainian hockey programme.
The fact that there's someone who's willing to pump that kind of money into the program is a sign that things are changing. He may only write the cheques, but Kolesnikov throwing millions of dollars into the youth development, Donbass-2 and HC Donbass is definitely a positive, and that he could convince Fedotenko and Poni to both sign in Donetsk also shows progression because both of these guys have avoided playing for or in Ukraine like the plague. Clearly both of these guys think that the program is headed in the right direction and want to be a part of it even if only for a few games.

Confidence in the program is key going forward and when the players top 2 players come back to play in Ukraine when they have many other opportunities speaks volumes. It may not do a lot in terms of helping Ukrainians develop, but it's a step in the right direction.

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