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09-16-2012, 10:49 PM
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Originally Posted by QuietCompany View Post
This is all very logical and obvious but these things WILL not happen in the near term. At most we'll see the cap floor being changed.

If Bettman is replaced by owners due to a full yr lockout (which I'm sure certain parts of the PA wouldn't mind just as the owners got rid of Goodenow) then we might see the NHL's relocation stance. If Fehr wants to really test waters, he starts talking relocation and seeing if the NHL is willing to put in a relocation clause for franchises constantly relying on revenue sharing. He basically just needs to state in the proposal that the NHL will "consider" the "possibility" of relocation if a franchise is losing X amounts of $ leading to revenue sharing reliance in X yrs in a row or something and just see how or if the NHL responds to that. He can use it to help with the PR war if nothing else.
Every relocated team = decades wasted in building up fanbases

Teams that would have been relocated over the last decade if the NHL hadn't stepped in:
Edmonton, Ottawa, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Phoenix.

I'm sure the NHL is glad try didn't let Ottawa, Edmonton, and Pittsburgh move when they were all troubled, right?

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