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Originally Posted by WantEggRoll View Post
If they didn't lock out the players then the players would have gone on strike in the later stages of the season. Would you prefer to miss the beginning of the season? or the Stanley Cup Playoffs?

The deal worked seven years ago and now it doesn't. Why can't the owners change their mind about what works for the league they own/run?
Except if the players actually signed a new 1-year CBA, which is what they were offering to do, they would be contractually obligated to play the full season (ie. they wouldn't be able to go on strike right before the Stanley Cup). The MLBPA was able to cancel the World Series because they were not playing under a CBA at the time, whereas this year the NHL players actually offered to extend the current CBA one year, which the owners rejected.

I don't know why everyone assumes the players could just strike if they played another year under the current CBA, since they would only be able to do that if they were playing without a CBA. The NHLPA not only offered to play under the TERMS of the old CBA, like the MLB did back in 94, but they also actually offered to sign a NEW 1-year CBA with the exact same terms as the old CBA.

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