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Originally Posted by Morris Wanchuk View Post
Yikes, some rather extreme opinions here.

How dare the mess up the chemistry! Oh the humanity. Though I am not surprised at those who are making the claims

Seguin will find his way to center eventually. I would rather them play him there for a a little while then decide what to do with Krejci, rather than just jump into it blind.


I think that lineup would be pretty good.

Never liked the Seguin-Bergeron combo, doesn't really give the line a purpose.
Completely guessing here Morris, but I suspect maybe Julien`s reasoning for it was twofold, one, putting Seguin with DK wouldn`t be as conducive to the way Segs plays which is speed based, whereas DK is a stop and go guy. Bergy is more of a straight liner too and a more natural fit for Segs??

Then there`s the "example" element, Bergy spoke about how important and beneficial it was to play with, learn from a guy like Marty Lapointe (an expensive teacher but...) and while I think that the players both like, respect DK, as we all know, Bergy is the consummate professional and playing alongside him for a year or two can`t be bad can it???

As for chemistry, players speak about it all the time, some players games just gel better with others, I`ve thought by playing a certain player with another the chemistry would be automatic and it proved otherwise, then there`s been players that I never would have thought would gel turn out to be surprisingly positive.

The Bergy line has it all, a pain in the rear who can get under your skin and hurt you offensively in Marchand, a do it all centerman who`s only now getting the respect he deserves in Bergy, and a young kid who has finish written all over him.

First line are bashers(well, Looch and Horty that is) who can punish both physically when on their games, and hurt you offensively.

Then the 3rd line, a line of utility players who play exceptionally well together. Not saying I am against any personel shifting, but it`s a slippery slope, and one I`m sure CJ has a better handle on than I.

Wouldn`t at all be shocked to see Segs, post faceoff do what the coaches had him doing more as the season closed last year, and that`s shift into the middle more with the centerman shifting off to a wing. Absolutely no need to force feed the kid minutes up the middle, but we`ll see him play a bit more there in situations as his growth continues IMO

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