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09-17-2012, 08:13 AM
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I kinda feel an abrupt rollback on salaries is sort of wrong. Especially with the whole bait and switch aspect of it, in that circumstance I certainly am on the side of the players. The problem though is that there is a problem and a solution has to be found. I think the 57% is a ridiculous amount. It should at the very least go down to 50% and the problem is how to do that without affecting current salaries.

My horrible solution that isnt well thought out is this. Make an exemption for the current contracts already out there. Make them have to be paid in full for their complete amount, basically honor them. But have their cap hit value reduced by a percentage to accurately reflect the new salary cap and the new limitations on contracts. Basically a grandfather system so while the big market teams will still maintain an advantage while it has those players and small market teams will still feel the pinch financially there at least will be help each and ever year from that point. I know it's too simplistic to work.

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