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Originally Posted by GirouxGiroux View Post
Well, I'm not relegating, but I'm having second thoughts about that. I think this next season I'm just going to play my kids all the time and if I relegate (likely) so be it.

tujague was only in II for what, a season? It's more important to play my kids than to stay in II.

I had two stints in II. The first was before the rebuild. I was out of town and missed the playoffs in III. Some jerk sandbagged me up. So I had to prove I could survive up there, then I was going to rebuild. But the jerk who bagged me promoted, so I had to fight to survive so he would have to relegate. It worked perfectly Then I started the rebuild.

Second time through II was one season. Easy peasy, really. The top teams lost and I waltzed into the Finals.

Originally Posted by robotco View Post
looks like i'm gonna need an update on that front page gentlemen. won my semifinals and i'll be getting my first taste of tier III next season.
Originally Posted by Leafer 21 View Post
maybe if I'm feeling up to it, I'll update the list tomorrow
I was going to wait for the season change. It makes it easier to get the promotions & demotions sorted. But if you wanna take a crack at it...

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