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09-17-2012, 10:31 AM
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this is not going to end well

Donald Fehr is 64, he is already full of money from is years in baseball, doesn't know the word losing, as no real attachment to the sport of hockey, as full confidence from the players and as an ego size of the grand Canyon

Gary Bettman is 60, he made lots of money in the past as the NHL Commissionner, doesn't accept losing, as no real attachment to the game of hockey, as the full support of the owners and as an ego the size of mount Everest

I don't think they would accept any compromise, Fehr doesn't want is Resume to have the word defeat at the bottom, i'm sure he would rather quit or be fired than to give in to Gary's request. Gary as never really lose a battle against the player association, he's close to the age of retirement and would rather be fired with a nice departure check instead of folding in front of Donald....

So we will be in this for a long time.... unless players or owners gets rid of one or the other... which won't happen until next year if ever...

this could really be the doom of the NHL

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