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Originally Posted by Northern Dancer View Post
So, I think I get it, "play the kids" does NOT apply to goalies, just everybody else.
I am no NHL GM, but I wouldn't place two young goalies with less than 100 games NHL experience combined in harms way with the expectations of the team high, and success required to break the NHL's longest non playoff streak.

If I was draft rebuilding and ownership supported the process, and was willing to accept the consequences of those actions then expectations would be set accordingly, as would the pressure on the goalie position. However public apology letters from ownership to Leaf fans for the teams disappointing results suggest this is not the case in Toronto where failure is an option.

Like I suggested earlier all positions are not equal and if you're breaking in a young forward or dman in a bottom 6 position and secondary support role, than they're not expected to carry the team.. The goalie is the last line of defense and there is no one at his position to shelter him during development from the criticism and pressure attached as it all falls squarely on their shoulders.

Allaire knows Leafs goalies best, working with them daily and his pending resignation is a telling sign of pending results expected, that will fall on his shoulders through his pupils performance, much like his students without them having control of the situation either.

If he believed that Reimer/Scrivens were ready for this assignment and believed they would be successful, there would be no reason to resign fearing criticism, but rather receiving praise himself through their anticipated success. As the saying goes "Rats always leave a sinking ship",and when you see this it is a sign of pending undeniable doom ahead. Allaire appears to be abandoning Leafs ship, before it sinks and takes him with it..

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