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Originally Posted by NYR89 View Post
It's all about paying your dues. My personal story:

I just finished on campus this May and graduated with a Sport Management degree and a Marketing degree. To be completely honest, I learned more from joining clubs and organizations and being involved on campus than I did from class. Focus on standing out in everything possible and do things that have TANGIBLE results (ex. raising attendance xxxxx or raised xxxxxx). It will look great on a resume and gives you something to separate yourself from the rest of the crowd that took the same classes as you.

I interned with an NHL team this summer (only have 2 days left unfortunately). The key to transitioning the internship into a job is to work your ass off. Make sure every person that works for the team knows who you are. Make friends with employees AND interns in other departments. If there is an event going on in another department ask them if they need an extra set of hands. Even if they don't it will make you look fantastic. As far as turning a internship into a job with the same team takes some luck. Someone has to be going out as you finish. However, that team/organization could become vital down the line if positions come open. Just because you don't get offered right away doesn't mean you will never work for them again.

As far as sales go, the one poster had it right. It's not glamorous at all, but talk to anyone in the industry and chances are they started in sales. It separates the people willing to put in the work to the one's that aren't. It also teaches you key skills in organization, communication and relationship building. My first job (starting in a few weeks!) is a sales position. I'm going into it open minded, but I would be lying if I said as of now sales is long-term for me. You just never know, it could be my calling. You have to be willing to try everything and work harder than everyone else.
Really well said. I will also note that this industry is very much relationship based and most jobs aren't even exposed to the public. Internships are the best way to really get your foot in the door, and during your time there really try and make it out to all the employee outings where you could really bond and make those meaningful connections.

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