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09-17-2012, 11:42 AM
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Sorry I've been inactive lately, and thanks to Jtabo for running things, I should be able to be more involved this week.

Though weekends are rough for me, my gf is over on the weekends and she doesnt like when I play video games when she's there, so I probably wont be on much over the weekends.

Also, what I am experiencing in my other league is that it's hard to match up times to play other users, so I think what we should do is in our line-up posts we should post our weekly availability.

for example for me:

Mon Evening: Open from 5:30ish-11 ET
Tuesday: Open from 9-11 ET
Wed-Thurs: Open from 5:30ish-11 ET
Friday-Sunday: Very Limited if at all.

I know that may be difficult for some who have varied schedules.. but for those of us who have fixed schedules, this may be easier to schedule games.

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