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Originally Posted by Fulcrum View Post
My standard is that I have to be able to see the players numbers clearly and the puck. There are some streams out there that just don't meet that criteria. Watching horribly pixelated figurines of players where the colors all look the same and with horrible sound is not good.

But I agree with you, majority of KHL streams is very watchable although not TRUE HD.

No stream will ever beat watching HD TV or Projector while on the couch on saturday night with an order of pizza and friends, and that is the experience that NA fans are used to and KHL can't deliver that. No one would ever invite friends, or go to a bar to watch a stream. And hockey is a very social sport to some.

Solution - TSN or CBC to air KHL game of the day on saturday in full HD with good commentators. With decent marketing, it would work for sure.
What does that has to do with the league?

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