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My guess would be Swiss League as well for Sid.
Money isn't an issue for him, obviously.

ETA: or Russia...
"Geno would like to have him there for sure, just like everyone else from every other country would," Brisson said. "Russia is a rich country with wealthy individuals. Russia is a possibility, but we are not negotiating a contract right now."

Full Brisson interview:
Heres a tidbit about what Geno will be paying:

For so many of these high-end players, insurance is such a factor. For KHL-bound Evgeni Malkin, for example, a source told that he’ll need to pay about $250,000 per year for two years’ worth of coverage on his $9 million salary, although it’s believed the premiums will be paid monthly and can be cancelled without penalty once the NHL lockout is over.

Still, it’s a huge chunk of change and that’s why NHL stars will tread carefully before heading over. Remember, as I wrote in Friday’s blog about the rules of the lockout, an NHL team has the right to suspend a player without pay once the NHL season resumes until he’s fit to play if he injures himself while playing in another league during the lockout.

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