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Originally Posted by Everlong View Post
Hey Brian I haven't heard from you yet in regards to my keeper situation. I know there's a lockout but you still have the keeper deadline set for thursday or friday I believe. Just want to know where I stand.

I answered half of your question here :
Originally Posted by Everlong View Post
Hey Brian, am I drafting from scratch with this new team like before or can I select keepers from the current roster
Originally Posted by utmfisher19 View Post
You will be drafting a whole new team. I am considering allowing new teams to select an U25 from the teams that they inherited. But I haven't made a decision yet. An email will go out from me this weekend about draft date/time, what happens if there is a lock-out, when keeper selections are due, and what new teams can expect from now until the draft.
And then I sent out the email that I mentioned above with the subject line reading, "State of Preds Fantasy Hockey Leagues" that stated:
6.) For teams that are new to their league (via promotion/demotion or new to Preds Leagues in general), the teams that you inherited are NOT your teams. You must draft them. You will not have any keepers, nor will you be allowed to keep an U25. The U25 rule is for returning teams only. PLEASE NOTE: Since you guys cannot keep U25 players, you will "draft" a scrub player as your first pick (1st round is REALLY the last round of the draft). Do not be alarmed that Jarred Smithson is your first overall selection. You guys get a significant advantage by being able to draft the first 3 rounds of the draft before everyone else does. Trust me, it's true -- I've got 7 years of proof.

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