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Originally Posted by garret9 View Post
Final Synopsis:
Kane is already an elite scorer and will likely maintain these figures (as shown by his high shot volume) for a while sitting at mid 30s for goals over the next few years. Not bad for someone who spent most of his ice time with Burmi, Welly/Antro, Stuart, Bogosian as a 5 piece.
For next season I hope he spends one more season on the second line with Jokinen-Welly/Burmi to further refine his game and take advantage playing against bottom6 grinding forwards, but I also hope Noel places Jokinen and Kane on the 1st PP line with Wheeler.
For not-so-distant future I see Kane as our undisputed 1st line LW. He will likely be mid-to-high 30's goal scorer who could pass 40 in solid PP years.
Urgh god I hope not! Kane is COMPLETELY lost on the PP. Cannot find seems, cannot find the soft areas, just not a very good PP player. Wonderful 5v5 player, one of the best no doubt, but he is goddawful on the PP. This will be a disaster, IMO. Develop blah blah, but hockey sense, the ability to read a defense and play a PP is something that you have or you don't IMO. I've watched guys from 10 years old that instinctively know where to be on the ice, regardless of their skill level...and others that just have no clue. Kane can dominate with his physical skills, he will not be a PP player, IMO.

Originally Posted by garret9 View Post
One of my ultimate favourite things to look at is With/Without you stats. Looking at how a teammate's corsi or +/- can change with or without a player:
NameGF%withPOS GF%without CF%with CF%withouti
ABURMISTROV 0.562 0.476 0.550 0.506
BWHEELER 0.625 0.439 0.520 0.539
KWELLWOOD 0.552 0.543 0.577 0.544
BLITTLE 0.640 0.514 0.520 0.545
0.500 means even so >0.500 would be good for Jets.
Without Kane means they were most likely with Ladd, and if anyone says Ladd is a one-dimensional player than... yea, get out...
To get similar (sometimes better) results than Ladd would suggest that he is very unlikely to be one-dimensional.
I don't get how this does NOT make him one dimensional. His dimension is scoring goals. He is very good at that. But maybe he fit better in that role when Little, Burmistrov had to be the defensive role on the line, rather than when with Ladd Burmistrov/Little/Wheeler/etc were asked to be offensive. Just because it worked better with that mix does not mean Kane is good defensively, etc.

And agree that he is probably a solid PKer. But people have this impression that PK = good defensively. It DOES NOT. It helps somewhat, but it's quite different. Some of the best PKers are terrible defensively. PK is all about speed and hard work (blocking shots would fall in this). It's out working your opponent. Defensive play is about positioning, getting the puck out (puck control), smart play. 5v5 defense you have to know your position, you have to be able to anticipate and be in proper position. PK is more about skating hard, getting to your guy and hammering the puck down the ice.

One thing I have issue with, and it wasn't in this post but I have seen you (I think correct me if I'm wrong) and others state that Kane is not one-dimensional since he generates a lot of primary assists. I find that that statement is very short sighted. First of all, primary assists may be slightly more valuable than secondary, but they are generated so many different ways that I don't think much if anything can said about primary versus secondary assists. I would argue most of Kane's primary assists come mostly from the fact that he it's all rebounds his teammates score on. I fail to see how that makes him more of a complete player.

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