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09-17-2012, 02:14 PM
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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
The OP assumes they will not resign for the same or less, which the club may not only desire but need require, depending upon new cap and other issues for your club. If Getzlaf wants top, top $$$$ no matter what, the closer you get to your trade deadline, the less you get for him, after which he walks for nothing. In the totality of those circumstances, Richards at an expensive but do-able number long term is not a bad fall back position.

Perry is another matter. But remember, Rangers are giving up their top three Cs to make this deal do-able, both trading partners have to pony up.
If your statement holds true and the Ducks 'not only desire, but need require' that Getz and Perry both resign for the same as their current rate or less than, then how on earth does trading away one of those players for a player whose current cap hit is $1.3m more than, make any sense? That logic is completely flawed. Aside from that, there has never been any indication from the Ducks that they can't or will not give raises to Getz and/or Perry. Just because they're not a team who spends to the cap doesn't mean they don't have money or are willing to pay their stars. The Ducks owner is one of the richest in hockey and hasn't, as of yet, ever been at the bottom of the salary charts as far as team salaries are concerned.

edit: and to add, IMO, I feel that if the Ducks lose either of the guys it's going to be more about the players' desire to jump ship rather than a money issue. I may be wrong, but I fully expect the Ducks to be very competitive in the contract offer (Except if it comes down to a career/retirement type contract, which I don't expect the Ducks to offer up).

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