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Originally Posted by Mystlyfe View Post
Ugh, no way. The owners were ready to negotiate in January, but the PA stalled and stalled and stalled until the last possible minute. Then after the owners submitted their offer, the PA took a full month to give their counter-offer (which wasn't even based on the owner's offer anyway). Fehr and the PA has repeatedly said that they didn't view the 15th as a deadline and have blatantly ignored it during the whole process.

The NHLPA is willing to play without an active CBA, sure. But, as brs03 mentioned, it would be playing without an active CBA not playing with an extended CBA. Without an active CBA, there's nothing to prevent the PA from striking, which is exactly what the MLBPA did in 1994 with Don Fehr at the helm, causing the loss of the playoffs and world series that year. And that's exactly what the NHLPA would do again this year if they weren't locked out. No league in their right mind is going to give their players a full season of pay and then lose their cash cow (the playoffs). Not locking out the players hands all of the leverage to the NHLPA and would be suicide for the owners. Fehr and the PA knows that, but they played it off in a hollow PR move like the owners were somehow at fault for doing exactly what Fehr forced them to do. This whole thing is unfolding exactly how Fehr set it up to unfold.

I support some of the players' demands (incresed revenue sharing, namely), but by no mean's am I on the NHLPA's "side." Nor am I on the owners', but since most people don't seem to be paying close enough attention to how the NHLPA has maneuvered so far, I feel obligated to "defend" the owners sometimes.
Maybe. Or maybe they play, they negotiate, and they reach a deal. Sure the NHLPA postponed negotiations because, as you and brs03 both note, they have no other leverage. I don't think of pro athletes the same as police or teachers. These unions aren't the difference between health care and no health care -- these guys make millions. But in this particular case, to me, the fault for the lockout lies entirely with the owners, not because of when the negotiations started but because of why they are so contentious.

What burns me up is that the owners locked out an entire season to get "cost certainty". They won in every meaningful way and put in place more or less exactly what they asked for. Then they ****ed it up by allowing their managers to circumvent the cap at every turn. Whatever financial challenges they face are entirely their own doing. And now they want the players to correct their mistakes for them. I say screw that. Ownership made this bed and they should lie in it, at least WRT the commitments they've already made.

This Spector article was posted on the main boards or maybe I saw it on twitter. Anyway, it basically speaks to my feelings. Sharing for what it's worth.

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