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Originally Posted by porknbeans420 View Post
oh yeah your "your team sucks so back off, broooo..." technique fails because Dave Taylor was a bad GM. So please, stick to the sandbox kiddyo

and if you are trying to say that Lombardi is a bad GM somehow well...
lol, yeah I was saying that maybe you shouldn't throw stones about a team sucking and picking 2nd overall when the Kings did that not too long ago. Nothing to due with Lombardi, but the Kings aren't unfamiliar with sucking and bad management.

As for Lombardi, I never said he was a bad GM. But half way through the season there were a lot of people who thought he should be fired. Here's a Dean Lombardi thread from this passed season. Not saying that means he's bad. I'm saying that it takes time to make a bad team better. Sure, Howson makes mistakes and no, I don't think he's a great GM and I certainly wouldn't want him as mine. But they have had some bad breaks. It was a very lucky break that the Kings landed Doughty in '08. Just imagine had they had the 2nd overall pick the year prior, they get JVR. We'll see next year where the Jackets are picking. But they have a good chance, if the season is missed, to be picking top 5. And there are some really, really good centers up there (MacKinnon, Monahan, Barkov, Lazar, etc.) that could help them a lot. Hey, maybe with the pick that they got from LA they land MacKinnon. Changes that trade a lot, huh?

Oh and BTW, for your criticism of Dave Taylor, he only drafted 2 of your teams 3 most important players in Quick and Kopitar.

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