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12-05-2003, 01:23 PM
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Real good reply, neogeo69.

Yeah, don't take it as me slamming Lowe for not drafting Ilya Kovalchuk. He didn't have those kind of picks.

However, consider me a bit sour over Parise. I know this issue has been beaten to death, but that kid is going to be a star in this league, and it annoyed me to no end that he was selected, by of all teams, New Jersey, a place where his creativity will be stifled like mad. In a city like Edmonton, I think Parise could be spoken in the same breath with Hemsky & such. Honestly, maybe better.

Then again, I suppose it's a matter of opinion.

However, either way you cut it, there are not likely any future 1st line centres or wingers in the Oilers system at the moment (unless Rita all of a sudden decides he wants to try). And that's a cause for concern. An even bigger one, is the complete lack of anything resembling a good defensive prospect. Bergeron, no offense to his fans, I don't think will ever be anything too special (he reminds me of a stop-gap solution. At best, you could get a Dan Boyle out of him, but more likely I figure Bergeron will simply be a bottom pairing guy that after a while, you'll ween out of your system in favour of bigger men (but more talented than Cross & such). Semenov I think has more potential than even Brewer, but his step back this year has become very worrisome (another strike against MacT, not being able to evolve some of these youngsters).

I don't mean to be too pessimistic. I think the Oilers are LOADED with 2nd/3rd line talent in the system. Pouliot, Niinimaki, and Torres could all be 2nd line forwards someday, and probobly not bad ones either!

But I keep going back to it, but if Lowe continues to trade these good players to get worse talent in return back for them, I don't think he's going to get anywhere. The Weight deal is a perfect example. Lowe cannot afford to continue exchanging loonies for four quarters, CBA or no CBA. He's got to bring back some real bonefide top-level talent or the Oilers are going nowhere further than the 6 - 10 spot in the West.

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