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Originally Posted by birddog View Post
Leafs goaltending CAN'T be any worse. Even Giguere sucked when he was here. Wilson and Allaire ruined Gustavson. The kid was lights out when he got here and only got worse. If Gus plays well in Detroit that should tell you all you need to know.
Completely different systems tho. Look at the amount of high quality scoring chances the Wings give up. Look at the way they protect their goalies in the defensive zone. The leafs have a hard enough time with the most basic of defensive zone coverage. The wings could take most average goalies and make them look good simply because their players know the system and follow it to letter.

I for the record never thought Monster was that good, he has that amazing season over seas before coming to NA and he never really gave me the feeling he was ever going to live up to the expectations most had pegged on him. I do think he can rebound in Detroit but then again like I said you could put most NHL goalies on the Red wings and they would put up good numbers.

For the last few years Monster had a tough time stopping routine dump-ins that would totally deflate the team. get caught out of position because he read the play wrong. Giguere had a groin problem when he was in Toronto that stemmed back from his Duck days. after Toronto didn't sign him he elected to get surgery to fix his sports hernia. And magically his play picked up because he got the operation to fix it once he joined the Avs.

So don't say that Allaire ruined Gus, and that he couldn't get Giguere's game back on track. Gus was simply not consistent from shot to shot and Giguere was injured when he came to Toronto. Allaire is a world class goalie coach he sets the bench mark for goalie coaches and it's laughable that so many Toronto fans have focused him as the root of the Maple Leafs goaltending problems.

Face the real facts, Allaire was given some extremely green goaltenders in Gus and JR to work with, he had a injured Giguere who had a chronic groin problem and his goalies were in a system where defense was non existent.

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