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[Xbox 360] HF Wild NHL 13 GM Connected League - Let's Play Hockey!

There was some talk in the NHL 13 thread of making a GM Connected league and giving it its own thread to keep that one clutter-free. (Note: if you're looking for the PS3 league, I believe there's a thread on the Video Games board; I got the OK to put this one here to keep it nice and tidy inside our not-so-little-anymore Wild community.)

Anyway, I created a league called, creatively, "HF Wild Hockey League." Search for it on NHL 13 and let's do this thing!

Post in here when you join up with your Gamertag and the team you took.

Also, important rule: You can pick any unclaimed team you like, with two caveats. First, try to keep the conferences evenly balanced so we don't end up with one guy all alone playing CPUs all the time. If there's one conference with very few teams taken, choose one from that side! Second, to keep things fair (and because organizing a random way to distribute it would've excluded late joiners), nobody can select the Wild. If you do, I'll kick you out of the league! Fair warning.

Team Manager XBL Gamertag
Anaheim Ducks  
Dallas Stars  
LA Kings  
Phoenix Coyotes  
San Jose Sharks  
Calgary Flames  
Colorado Avalanche Dee Oh Cee Dee Oh Cee
Edmonton Oilers  
Minnesota Wild CPU CPU
Vancouver Canucks  
Chicago Blackhawks yeos schmos jpeebs
Columbus Blue Jackets LordFletcher Kingdonkopunchr
Detroit Red Wings  
Nashville Predators Mumbler S0LIDLIFE
St. Louis Blues MNMan ViperVenomxACR

Team Manager XBL Gamertag
Boston Bruins  
Buffalo Sabres  
Montreal Canadiens  
Ottawa Senators Victorious Secret x OMAN x
Toronto Maple Leafs  
New Jersey Devils  
New York Islanders  
New York Rangers Vashanesh teh drizzl
Philadelphia Flyers  
Pittsburgh Penguins HobeyBroten go to the max4
Carolina Hurricanes  
Florida Panthers  
Tampa Bay Lightning  
Washington Capitals  
Winnipeg Jets llamapalooza llamapalooza87

UPDATE: The league has started! I've accepted all the requests from people I recognized as frequent contributors on the board. I did reject about 7 requests that either didn't correspond to a post in this thread, or corresponded to someone with <10 posts.

From here on, we'll accept new requests to join, but only from people who we recognize from the Wild boards. (If you don't have at least 50-100 posts specifically on the Wild forum, odds are we'll just ignore your request.) If you request and don't get accepted, feel free to PM me and we'll talk.

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