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Originally Posted by jeh82 View Post
There were a few questionable calls...but that wasn't one of them.

What's great on that play is the replay of the referee looking square at the ground behind Vick's feet on the throw... not at him, not at the line--the ground.

I caught that. He is straight up staring at Vick's feet, and doesn't begin to look up until the ball is gone. We rewound that a few times.

Stealing from a FB friend:

'My favorite part of last Sunday was seeing all the random lead officials who were pulled out of their random jobs, then thrown into a baziillion-dollar league and forced to explain calls 25 to 30 times per game to a stadium of 60,000 people as well as a TV audience of millions. I thought the announcers should have said their real jobs every time they threw it to them, as in …

"To find out if the touchdown has been overturned, let's go to Jerry Smith, the general manager of three Chik-fil-A's in Orlando."

"Was it a fumble? Let's hear from Bob Johnson, who owns his own insurance agency in Plano, Texas."'
-Bill Simmons

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