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09-17-2012, 05:57 PM
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Why don't all the negative people who get their kicks out of putting down these young kids write their true names down so that all can take a deep look into their lives. I am sure they have big time issues.
I can't believe all the things that are negativity written about 16 year old Connor Burgess. My heart sinks when I read some of the crap these "experts" post here and especially on the Noof site. This young man from what I have heard and seen is a really good kid and he must hear some of this. I hope to heck he makes you all look like fools. Actually he doesnt have to prove anything! He is lucky enough to maybe get a break (but maybe not) because his father and grandfather did so much for hockey in Sudbury and is not taking a spot from anyone.
The team will be carrying one extra forward more than they normally do and I'm sure Connor will get spot duty when the time is right. Even then maybe he will improve a lot just from being in the environment with his peers. He might be a late bloomer as far as his skating goes but he has shown that he can put the puck in the net.
Please all you couch potato experts, keep the direct criticism of 16yr old kids to yourselves or just go look in the mirror and complain to that person.
All the best to the Wolves this year and congrats to Connor and his Dad for fighting through all this. Go Connor and remember that life is full of negativity and stay on your own path. All will work out and when it does, I will be one of the ones who will be cheering the loudest.
Let kids be kids and don't kill their dreams and confidence people!

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