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Originally Posted by RoytoSakic View Post
Did a little bit of research and found this:

To clown question the important things in a shot for a beginner are
  • start with the puck pulled back
  • cup the puck with the blade of the stick
  • pull it forwards with both hands
  • transfer your weight from your back leg to your front leg
  • When the puck gets to your front foot(still on the ground) you SNAP, this means pulling your top hand back and pushing forwards with your bottom hand

Some common errors I see in newer players
  • Not transferring their weight. Go with the nose to toes approach, lean back and line you nose up with the toes of your back leg, during the shot shift your weight forwards so your nose lines up with the toes on your front foot
  • Top hand in the holster - This means your top hand is stuck on your hip, when shooting make sure you bring that top hand out
  • No snap - Remember to pull that top hand back and push the bottom hand forwards near the end of the shot

I've got a tonne of videos and articles on the wrist shot, I just did this one on taking my wrist shot from 55MPH to 64MPH

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