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09-17-2012, 07:31 PM
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Originally Posted by MandyAlwaysKnows View Post
Loui Caporusso (Cap) was born on June 29th 1989. He was a full time ECHL player in 2011-12 (starting season at 22, ending at 23)

Barch had already played a couple a seasons in the AHL before playing one season full time in the ECHL, which happened to be the lockout year where he lost his job to an NHLer. Already proven AHLer at that point, and playing ECHL because of lockout. WRONG

In Bissonette's equivalent 22 year old season (2007-08), he played MORE AHL games than ECHL games. Established in the AHL. WRONG

Bouillon played 1 season in the ECHL straight out of junior. He was much younger than Cap. WRONG

Burrows was one I knew was an exception, which is why I said 3 instead of 1. Burrows played his last season in the ECHL in his 22 year old season, the one Cap just had. Then he made the jump to the AHL. Will Cap make the jump this year to the AHL? No. Count: 1

Bylsma: Meant current players, but OK. Count: 2 players ALL TIME have done what Cap needs to do to make it.

Desharnais: Not old enough. Was never 23 in ECHL. It's called Math. He was 21. Not close. Young people know how to count. WRONG

Matt Ellis: Too young. Was his first season out of junior. WRONG

So you found 2 players all time that did it. Both made the jump to the AHL rigght after, so Caporusso would need to make the jump this season. The other 2 closest, Barch and Bissonette, are enforcers. Is Cap an enforcer? Cap is 5'9 and much smaller than Burrows and Bylsma.
Oh, awesome, so we're sorting it based on roles now? Cool. So I'll go get three players with similar playing styles to Caporusso, and then you'll tell me we're restricting it to centers. So I'll get some centers, then you'll tell me that it's only players 5'9" and shorter.

Weak. You said, and I quote, "Name an NHLer who was in the ECHL at age 23." You said nothing about establishing themselves in the AHL first. You said NHLers who were in the ECHL at 23. Barch was in the ECHL at 23. Biznasty played in the ECHL at 23. More games in the AHL, yes, but still in the ECHL at 23. Bouillon, fine, I'll give you. Desharnais was 22. That was a math mistake on my behalf, but not as far off as your condescending tone makes it appear. Ellis was still property of the Storm when he hit 23.

Matt Hendricks, 24. Jay Leach, 25. (bouncing between the A and N but he's still had more than a few games.) Glen Metropolit, 23. Rich Peverley, 23. Sean Pronger, 23.

I know that you're going to claim that at least Peverley was a victim of the lockout and, you know what? Maybe he was. But I'm done here because your blanket statement (that no one can name three NHLers who were in the ECHL at 23) is just false. I hope you can realize that.

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