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05-05-2006, 10:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Leph28
i don't agree in refs being kicked out because they missed 1 call.

If they were bad all through the first round, then yes.. kick them out, but kicking refs out because they missed one call will encourage others to call whatever, even if they missed it, just to not get booted off.

once again, NHL.
Bush league.
8th (or lower) in who cares leagues in the states.

This wasn't an instance of missing one call. The same game, in OT they missed a crosscheck into the boards, but managed to see a hook on the same play, not 2 seconds later? And this wasn't like it was behind the play either. The also managed to give us a 4 minute minor on a high stick that did not draw blood.

And the very next game there were 2 or 3 high sticks that the refs flat out missed as well. I think they did a piss poor job in this series. Kinda ironic that kerry Fraser called the best game of the series.

What annoys the CRAP out of me is that the league noticed they refs sucked, yet they let them finish the series. That was crazy.

Oh, and before you start criticizing the league, the NFL and NBA do the same thing. They punish refs/umps that call bad games by not letting them work the later rounds.

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