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09-17-2012, 10:21 PM
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I feel like the odd man out, not having NHL 13. Oh well.

I won the Superbowl in Madden last night. And all my prolific free agent signings have finally caught up with me. I need to re-sign my prolific middle linebacker and I literally can't, I don't have any cap room. I'm debating trying to trade Clay Matthews and his 15 million dollar cap hit, even though he is a beast, in an attempt to help my team overall. I have a decent ROLB(Matthews' position) sitting at ~78 overall, IIRC, so the drop would be quite a bit, but it would more than likely allow me to pick up a good LOLB in free agency, where I need some help, along with re-signing my ~88 overall MLB.

I signed Chris Johnson as a free agent on a one year deal when the season started. I absolutely did not need him. I'm developing a 2nd year RB that is at 81 overall and I do running plays maybe 5-10 times a game, if that, but I wanted to see how a 91 overall RB could help out my team. Turns out, not at all. So I traded CJ to Denver for a 1st round pick. That, combined with somehow flipping a 2017 3rd into a 2018 1st during the 2017 draft, to a bottom-10 team, gives me three 1st rounders for this next season. Nice.

One thing I'm not sure if I like or dislike about Madden, but when you draft players, you get maybe +5 to +8 overall from what the players are drafted at. Guys who come out of the draft at 72 will more than likely, from what I've seen, max out around 80 or so. But, at the same time, there is so much turnover that it really doesn't matter. I'm getting better at scouting, getting better at drafting, and I'm no longer having Minnesota Wild trademark First Round Busts(I'm looking at you #3 overall WR that maxed out at 71 overall, and you #13 overall MLB that maxed out at 73).

But, at the same time, you get guys who come out of the draft at pretty good overall ranks. I went and looked, and most of the top-5 of the last few drafts come out around 78-83 or so, in some cases higher. Granted, 7th round picks are usually in the 50-60 range, but I have found a gem or two.

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