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09-17-2012, 10:53 PM
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I'm working on the season-ending vid compilation, and its pretty sick so far [Atleast from my POV]. I dont want to mention it more though, cause it almost sounds like I'm throwing the towell and expecting the season to end without playoffs

If I'm not mistaken, the MLS keeps a % of the transfer fee, and the other part goes to the Club Owner. But that money received does not go in Joey's pockets, it can only be used as allocation money. (I'm not 110% sure about this, but I remember an article being posted on a previous thread about it). So If they offer 1 Million for Felipe, and Joey just gets 600K out of it (Used in Allocation $), technically, it would be better to keep Felipe.

But oh well, Time will tell. I guess it is inevitable that one day or another [Supposing he continues to progress] that he will change clubs, sort of like Montero with the Sounders.

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