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09-17-2012, 11:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Ohio Jones View Post
But keep in mind, many people had targeted Escobar as likely trade bait before this event, this just underscored for them why he might not be in the Jays' plans long-term.
This pretty much reminds me of the Alex Rios thing, which was a complete smear job. But hey we couldn't use an outfielder hitting .295/.326/.512 with a 20/20 (and if anyone's going to give me all that closet racist hustle crap then go watch some highlights of the Sox/Tiger game today).

I will never, never understand why people think athletes should be role models or have the same level of accountability of people in other professions. Some accountant using a racial/homophobic slur can easily be replaced by another equivalent accountant; major league baseball players can't. There's a reason Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson keep making movies too.

e: just in case it wasn't clear, that's a general comment not directed at you

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