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09-18-2012, 12:11 AM
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Mathieu Schneider, Special Assistant to the NHLPA Executive Director, says the NHLPA has moved in each proposal/counter.

"In each proposal that we've brought forward, we have moved," Schneider said. "We're the only ones that have been giving in this entire negotiation. Everything that they have put forward takes more from the players; on the contracting issues, on the straight share of the revenue and that's the frustrating part for the players. Our next offer will be giving more back to the owners, they're next offer will be taking more from the players."

One of the issues in negotiations thus far has been the division of hockey-related revenues. With early proposals from the league believed to have redefined hockey-related revenue, the most recent is believed to operate on the terminology used in the existing CBA.

"We started off with them asking for $450 million per year and now they're at $330 million per year," Schneider says. "My question is: what are we supposed to do in this situation?"
"We're giving the owners an opportunity to grow themselves out of their problems," Schneider said in reference to the PA's proposals to date. "We want them to recognize what we've put on the table. Over the next five years, our last offer could give them over $1 billion in concessions if they grow the game. For them to dismiss the seven per cent growth rate, I think, is a little ridiculous."
Schneider believes the concessions made to reach the previous deal were in part what has led to the existing problems in negotiations.

"We've had record revenues, record growth of the game, record attendance," Schneider said, "and still we're sitting here today in a system that the owners designed."

"We don't want to be sitting here going through this again in four years, which is where we think we'll be operating under the current system."

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