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Originally Posted by Edmontreal View Post
Since the last lock-out, I would bet most of them have increased roughly 10-20%. Revenues are up 50%.
Inflation in Canada has been roughly 2,5% since the last lockout which is pretty normal, I really doubt a lot of the franchises expenses has increased more than that.
Equipment and rinks, if the team has made huge investment, yes.
Travels, trainers, insurances, taxes, water, electric and so on, no.

2/3 of the teams has been in the league since the late 70's, expenses shouldn't come as a surprise by now.
The canadian dollar was .75 on July 1st 2004. It is currently in the 1.00 ish range.

Call me crazy but not sure what the canadian markets make but even without revenue growth, increasing the value of their revenue in by 33% can do wonders too. I mean, they say NHL had 2.1 bil in revenues. The 6 canadian teams are probably what? At least 0.75 bil? Funny enough, the increase of the dollar alone, without counting inflation accounts for .25 billion. Adding in Winnipeg over atlanta also boosts those figures. I'd argue to actual growth of the league isn't as the numbers indicate. A lot of things occured such as Winter classics and NBC deal which further boosted revenues. Does it mean the winter classic won't happen again? Of course it will, but things like NBC contract won't happen every year.

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