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09-18-2012, 02:09 AM
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I started a BAP the first day the game was out- playing a 16 year-old LW (PWF) on Superstar with default style. I was really surprised at how high my starting rating was (69) compared to all the other players on the team. I was on a 3 PPG clip, so I have set the game style to hardcore and restarted. It does seem harder, but I'm worried at how good I'll be in my second season compared to the rest of the league.

I love the game play, and it's much more realistic, but I'm disappointed that none of the little errors have been fixed:

-If you start in the CHL, the NHL rules don't come into effect when you make the pros. This means you always go off the ice immediately if you lose a helmet, icing doesn't keep players on the ice.

-The PP statistics only registering if you start the PP on the ice. I'm tired of my team having a ridiculously high PP% and a ridiculously low PK%.

It's almost as bad as going an entire year without patching the OTL points thing in '10.

Also, there seems to be a really strange error in this version where sometimes, if you come on the ice during play, all the other players are just standing around looking at the puck and waiting for something to happen. If you don't pick it up, the ref eventually just blows the whistle. Anyone else had this?

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