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Originally Posted by DuklaNation View Post
I think the game currently has a lot of problems that go beyond the current CBA issues. Its gotten boring. Improve the offense and increase the physical play (without injuries). You need to have entertaining games for the markets that are struggling to make the playoffs. Contraction would solve some of the financial woes. Bettman expanded too quickly and to the wrong markets in the vain hopes of landing a big US network deal.
Which he got with NBC. The NHL is accelerating the national TV $ side faster than other pro sports lately and it may only be becaue they were so far behind.

I agree with your boring issue which gets into the traditions of the game and the same things that helped create the expansion problems. The whole friggin' league is too conservative and beholden to history. Funny that Carolina wins the cup with an American coach who didn't believe in a 2 scoring, 1 checking, 1 energy line system. Goalie equipment increases in size for safety yet heaven forbid the size of the nets changes. Over and over we see that purchased star players rarely result in cups yet fans flock to see them and it is even given as a reason for major markets to have them so as to win. I have news for most. The star players that do win usually do so with their original teams and effectively rest on their laurels when they are purchased. But the fans of those large markets continue to believe that you can "buy" a hockey team. More often than not, the winners have someone who is pulling some major motivational strings which is more easily done with younger stars before or shortly after they hit their big payday. Realistically, purchased star players have more effect on garnering fans than they have garnering wins.

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