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09-18-2012, 02:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Rey View Post
BTW. Stop comparing Edler to Bieksa. I think it's established that 99% of the fans agree that Edler is worth more. End of discussion. You just can't compare the two. You can't say that you'd be willing to offer 5.5M for Edler, and say that Bieksa is better. It just doesn't make sense. If you want Edler gone, then your best bet is that Garrison ends up bringing more or equal to the table than Edler when they start playing, then make a decision during the off season when Edler is a UFA.

We don't need to continue disguising about Bieksa, when everything is already established. It's just one poster trying to dodge the points given to him. If we really wanted a Bieksa Vs Edler debate, then go make a thread and a poll and it's finished and done deal. No need to take this pointless argument any further.
I would say Bieksa is very relevant given he is our highest paid defenseman and we are comparing Edler's value to the team relative to what his new contract could be.

Bieksa is the better defenseman. People can plug their ears and close their eyes all the want, but the stats don't lie. That being said, I've maintained that there is value in Edler's potential. Paying Edler $1M more than Bieksa is ridiculous though and could very well turn into a bad contract, but paying Edler a little bit more than Bieksa (5M or 5.5M with no NTC) is more than reasonable. I don't see why people would disagree with this.

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