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09-18-2012, 02:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Jeffrey Lebowski View Post
IMO, anyone who pins this lockout on the owners is out of their mind, bat-**** crazy. Maybe the owners are demanding ridiculous concessions... maybe the NHLPA is asking for too much... regardless, the NHLPA can't possibly think that they're going to win this battle. To me, it's all about realizing your limitations... and the NHLPA hasn't done that.

Ultimately, the league is going to win this. And the NHLPA doesn't have the control and unity of the players that it thinks it does... so for a deal and season to happen, both sides need to recognize this. I honestly don't think Fehr believes this and therefore, the players don't believe this. They believe that this is about retaliation instead of taking a step back and looking at the situation for what it is: a battle between the weak and the strong.

If the owners decide to lockout for the whole season, they can and will... and at a very (relatively) affordable cost. The players and union cannot afford the same type of concession... and that's what they need to realize before they eventually cave in to whatever the league demands anyways.

The league will win this. The players cannot. They have a lot more at stake than the owners and no matter what happened in the 04-05 lockout, the players cannot achieve retribution for that (in the way that they'd like).
from a media standpoint, keep in mind the canadian press is totally 100% batsh**t...leaving aside all the bad southern markets in the US, Phoenix gets whined about constantly in Canada (b/c a a cdn tried to buy it and move it here) - but the one that makes ppl up here crazy is columbus ... it's actually kind of strange b/c there are other US teams that are a bit weird as hockey markets...but for some reason columbus sets people off

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