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09-18-2012, 03:10 AM
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Originally Posted by UsernameWasTaken View Post
I agree he's there. as far as the "no heart" comments - i won't disagree with them, but i don't feel like going there. with that said ppl are kidding themselves if they think Nash won't be on the team. He will.

I don't get the loading up on 2010/11/12 draft picks on the team - a couple of them will make it, but keep in mind it's not the CHL prospects game.

I don't get those so insistent that Bergeron will make it - I don't think he has a chance.

Re: Seguin - doubt it. You'll see Skinner on the team (and that's a question) before Seguin.

Goal? If Ward is our #2 i'm going to start to cry. Hopefully Price is ready as #1. After Price i'd go with Fleury and Luongo way before I ever wanted Ward in goal at the Olympics. I mean, come on
Tell me if Bergeron doesn't make it, then which Francophone player from the province of Quebec does? You think Hockey Canada will go with a 100% team from English Canada? Not likely. Fleury sitting on the bench and Luongo in the press box. (Luongo is not French Canadian) Believe me, this crap matters to HC. Who are the other French-Canadian candidates, Letang?

I'd prefer Seguin over Skinner unless Skinner out performs him in the next year and a half...and from what I saw of Skinner at last year's WHC, I'm not so sure he can. He was terrible at the WHC except for the one pretty wrap around goal against the Finns... other than that all you saw of him is that spinorama move coming down the wing...which is pretty much his go to move..and pretty ineffective.

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