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Originally Posted by timbitca View Post
If I remember it correctly, it went something like this...

1st period

5:36 UDM Remi Blanchard (forget, forget)

2nd period

3:22 UNB Chris Culligan (Nesbitt, Todd)
10:02 UDM Eric Faille (Blanchard, Charland)

3rd period

5:09 UDM Remi Blanchard (Quesnel, Groulx)
5:57 UDM Keven Charland (C. Guay, Pilon)
9:38 UNB Cameron Critchlow (Carroll, Culligan)
10:03 UDM Eric Faille (C. Guay)
12:11 UDM Francis Rochon ()

Shots they had at 37-25 but that's impossible since they had us at 22 before the 3rd and we scored 4... and I can't remember what I had for shots, probably around 37-30 I'd say.

Goalies on both sides split at 9:22 of the 2nd period, with Andre Guay (13/14) and Travis Fullerton (14/15) starting. Both of them were great and in full control, neither goal was really their fault. LeMay stepped in and played brilliantly to replace Andre while LaCosta had more of a struggle for UNB... though to his defense everything did seem to go our way last night. One goal was a tip in and 2 or 3 came down low where he couldn't move fast enough. Rochon's goal came on a beauty forehand-backhand deke where he just roofed it over a sprawling LaCosta. We had 1 PP goal while UNB had none.

I wouldn't be worried much if I were a UNB fan... though I tought the D wasn't any impressive, or maybe downright bad, tonight. The offense should fall into place easily enough, we saw some flashes of it tonight, but the slick passes and nifty plays just didn't find any finish.

Oh, forgot to mention. If you ever go to that rink in Evangeline, PEI... bring at least 2-3 coats and a tuque. Bloody cold in there. And my apologies for the non-existant Twitter updates last night, that rink is built like Fort Knox and there was 0 cellular reception inside.
It was definitely Braes with UNB's 2nd goal. Or let me put it this way, it was #10 and I'm pretty sure the game sheet listed #10 as Braes (although I could be wrong).

I thought the combination of Moncton's goalies played better than UNB's. Fullerton IMO played really well but LaCosta... bad goaltending or bad defence... I think a little bit of both.

Cold... it was frigging freezing in there.

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