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09-18-2012, 07:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Philadelphia Collins View Post
Makes me sick that while millionaires fight over getting a larger slice of a billion dollar industry, people who make average pay and depend on the league to feed their families are the ones affected.

the NHL is a joke
Who makes the NHL a Billion Dollar industry? The very people that pay ridiculous amounts of money to go to games and to buy the merchandise.

I implore you; buy no merchandise! watch games exclusively at home! Be a part of the wave that makes this industry crumble in ruin! Make it so there is no pie left for them to fight over and they will come together, hand in hand, Bettman and Fehr, to rebuild. From the ashes a pheonix rises and its name is the NHL!

But seriously people are dumb enough to keep pumping money into the NHL and why? Because they NEED it, people are addicted to hockey and the league knows this. So it doesnt matter if they screw around all the time.

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