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Originally Posted by 14s incisor View Post
Comparing Enstrom/Wideman/Carle to Edler is for the purpose of showing comparable defenseman and what they have recently signed for.

EVERY contract is a risk. To bring up Redden's contract just because it is an example one that backfired has no more significance to Edler's situation than it does to any other big-money UFA signing.

Enstrom/Wideman/Carle are all examples of defenders similar in stats/age/skill to Edler--hell, Edler is actually younger and better than all three--and they all signed contracts within the last year. Those players/contracts are far more comparable to Edler's than Redden's.
I agree with this
I would expect Edler is looking for 5.75M at least, maybe 6M
If we get him anywhere under 6m I can live with it.
If he gets to UFA, I would bet my left nut someone will pay him more.
I see Y2Ks point about the holes in his game, but dont agree that Bieksa's better -- more mature maybe, but he's 5 years older.
the fact is, 50-pt 26 YOs with size and speed who can hit are rare, and we would take a large step back if he was subtracted from our blueline (arguably we'd go from top 3rd D in the league to bottom 3rd in a hurry...)

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