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09-18-2012, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by tp71 View Post
Solid reasoning. Thomas sucked, so that means he will too...I don't see how signing Ortiz is in anyway shape or form a bad idea. A 3-4-5 slot of Bautista-EE and Ortiz makes me smile. It lets EE know you have all the confidence in him to play 1B and then you can have Cooper as the backup which isn't a bad option to have on the bench. I mean, imagine a top 6 of:


Does that not get anyone else excited?
Until you fix our pitching, there is no combination of batting order that's going to get me excited. I've never been as low about this team as I am after this year, because the fans and media all saw a hole in starting pitching that AA refused to address in the off-season, only to have it destroy our season.

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