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09-18-2012, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by ecotone View Post
it's not necessarily homophobic, a word that is used way too often imo. it can be derogatory in context, but is also used in other ways, even in casual greeting in spanish culture. Growing up with a Uruguayan father, I would hear it being used as a word that meant "wimp /baby ",etc .
That being said though still a stupid thing to do , since speaking the language he should of known how the word translates in english.
You bring up a good point here. Everyone is so quick to get mad and defensive, but why not let him explain the context of the situation and what it means in spanish before we crucify him? Bad words can have completely different meanings in different cultures, let alone different languages.

For example, the c-word is one of the most derogatory and despicable insults you can throw out at someone, especially a woman in the North American context. But if you go to Australia, it's thrown around like it's nothing, often as a positive reference to the person "you funny c*** or you clever c***." I have cousins from Australia and was shocked to hear them throw it around so casually at first, then I realized it had a totally different context for them.

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