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09-18-2012, 10:39 AM
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I'm really excited about the Gens this year, but I said that last year and they stunk...I had a Frito Lays guy tell me at work one day that Dal Colle and Ho Sang were the best 96's to watch. And what do ya know? The Gens grab Dal Colle. Watched him a couple times with the Kings last year on T.V. He seemed to start the season off well. Towering over others, always finding open ice. Then the last time I watched him he looked fat and slow. So I'm really anxious to see him play. Really looking forward to the season getting started. I have season tickets and have been going to the GM Center for years. I also think we should keep Clark as an OA. Hes the toughest guy in the league. This guy will stand up to anybody. Sabourin is brutal and Labardo has the speed to be a little spark plug but he didn't do it for me last year. I'd rather go with Clark. Having said that I'm hoping this is Laughtons year. With no Thomas this year and watching Jenner make himself look like a fool at the WJC last year, I'm looking for Laughton to step up. He started to play better when Jenner was at the World Juniors. I'm hoping he has that same attitude towards the start of this season. Definitely pumped to see him play this year. To sum it up quickly, I'm waiting to see Biggs the most. Been waiting to see Biggs since we drafted him what, two seasons ago? But he went the college route or school first route? Not soo sure but I'm looking forward to seeing him play. Lessio is Lessio, skates hard when he wants to but maybe this could be his year as well. Not too sure, apparently hes been off to a good start. And Cassells is going to be a way better player this year, third center but he's going to be way better than last season. We're definitely very tight down the middle this season. Having said that I'm hoping this is the gens year I'm just not so sure Altshuller can carry us all the way there.

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