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Originally Posted by UsernameWasTaken View Post
Can you fill me in on the full story w/ him. I know he's in St. Petersburg, no...and was in the ahl for a bit, no?...but didn't pay much attention to him. what was the story?
Well, in the preseason in 2010-11, he clearly performed well enough to make the team. We had nothing depth wise because of the cap, yet he never got a call up and they chose to keep putting Pisani out there...even Jordan Hendry on wing for a number of games. I think Boynton even played wing for a few games too. It made no sense, but in the preseason they said his English was really poor and apparently it never improved. That was the reason given for him not getting an opportunity. Visnevskiy was teaching him and trainslating for him when he was in camp and I guess Q wasn't comfortable with him on the team because of the communication issue. Similar to Salak, he went down, didn't take it well and didn't perform as well he did in camp.

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