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Originally Posted by ProPAIN View Post
In a regular season, yes, it's only fair for the worst team to get a lottery pick. But after a lockout season? What if a team like Detroit would've bombed this season (shocking, I know ) and missed the playoffs with their current team? But since they had a relatively successful run the past few seasons, they don't benefit from a higher pick. After a lockout season, it makes sense that all teams get a fair shot at the number pick IMO.
So teams who we know would be bad (Columbus, Toronto, Islanders, Jets even) get shafted again in favour of teams who might have been bad but most likely wouldn't be?

Not a chance

Originally Posted by lamp9post View Post
It's spelled "you're".
That's what happens when you post at 8 AM in the morning on 3-4 hours sleep - I'm surprised my post wasn't worse then that

Also I just want to apologize to everyone for this bickering that's been going on between me and ManByng - I know no one wants to see/read that **** and if you re-read the entire conversation I think you will realize that I never intended for this to drag on either but he just kept trying to pick a fight with me because of truthful Pens versus Oilers comment

Anyway I don't deal with children so ManByng is on my ignore list now......I don't know why I didn't do that 2-3 posts ago but whatever it's done now

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