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Originally Posted by forthewild View Post
squidz you don't get it, the owners not only proposed a lower HRR but an immediate lowering of the cap to what it should be under the new HRR share, however they backed off the whole salary rollback and instead are going to use escrow to get teams to be comply with the cap.

you are right players would be better of IF the owners were to keep the current cap numbers while working their way to the 50-50 split, but the owners WANT and immediate cut as in they want the cap to fall immediately and thats where the issue is. you must have missed that, see when russo said Wild would be over the new cap under the NHL deal? that is what he is talking about.

you are right if the current revenue number stays while the two sides get to 50/50 split over a few years then players are better off with the deal, however you didn't count or didn't want to for what ever reason didn't include the immediate cut the owners want.

so when the owners made the deal they want the share to fall by 8% immediately which means over the '12-'13 season players will receive 8% more pay they they should and this is where the escrow would come into play, since there would be a new cap for the 49% players get, the money put into escrow would go to cover the teams who are over the cap.

again, it doesn't seem that you took into the account that NHL wants a new cap calculated at 49% for the players share, can you tell me what the cap would be if players took a deal to receive 49% of HRR, whats the new cap and floor.

thats what the NHL is saying, they told the players you get 49%, there is a cap floor/ceiling that all teams have to comply with, in order to statisfy this new floor/ceiling rather then do a hard rollback like NHL did in 04/05 they are going to use escrow. Under those circumstances players lose.
No, the issue is that you don't understand how escrow has worked in the past, nor understand that the proposal for the future would not have any of the effects you've tried to pin on it. Therefore discussion with you is impossible because you insist that you do know how both work.

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